Giúp mình viết về tiểu sử của Bác Hồ bằng tiếng anh với !?

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Bạn có đang ở Hà Nội không vậy?? ra nhà sách Tràng tiền mua sách ngoại văn về lịch sử. Đơn giản không àh. hoặc click vào link dưới đây nè:… Ho Chi Minh was born in the village of Kin Lien of Annem as Nguyen Sinh Cung. His father, a Confucian scholar, brought Ho Chi Minh up in the religion of Confucianism, also his father taught him how to be a rebel. Ho Chi Minh participated in tax revolts and other rebellious activities with his father when he was young. Those activities were against the French government that held control of Vietnam at the time. After he received a full education Ho Chi Minh worked a couple of jobs here and there. He was a teacher for sometime and then decided to take up a position as a Chef on a streamer that traveled from Saigon, Vietnam to Marseilles, France. Ho Chi Minh soon abandoned that job to do what made him the reason for the writing of this biography. What he did was lead the Vietnamese into a war to make them a free people. Ho Chi Minh started his journey by becoming a photograph retoucher. While in this occupation Ho Chi Minh advanced his knowledge in the political scene. He advanced his knowledge by one, joining the Socialist Party. Another thing that he tried to do in France was convince Woodrow Wilson, who was there to sign a treaty to end World War I, about the abuses Vietnam was receiving from the French government and influence him to make Vietnam a independent country. Woodrow Wilson was reluctant in listening to a socialist, communist, and a rebel. Ho Chi Minh shortly after this incident became one of the founders of the French Communist Party. His explanation of this was, "It was patriotism, not communism, that inspired me." Then he moved on to learn more about communism in Russia. In Russia Ho Chi Minh worked as a covert agent. On his travels Ho Chi Minh wandered around the world doing duties for the communist party. After his involvement with the communist Russia. Ho Chi Minh went to China and formed yet another organization to aid communism, called the Indo chinese Communist Party. The organization was devoted to make Vietnam an independent nation. During the Beginning on World War II Ho Chi Minh was arrested by British forces and imprisoned for his beliefs in communism. That was only one of the may times he was arrested. Years later, Ho Chi Minh was released. Ho Chi Minh made it to the Southern Chinese border to try and make contact with his old party. Once he succeeded in the communication. With the ICP he established the Viet Minh. Ho Chi Minh tried once more to persuade the American government to make Vietnam an independent nation. Once again Ho Chi Minh’s request was refused. He was forced to comply with his original treat which stated, "You can kill 10 of my men for every one I kill of yours, yet even at those odds, you will lose and I will win." Ho Chi Minh perfected guerilla warfare and trained his men in this deadly art. Then Ho Chi Minh wrote a declaration of independence and made himself president. Ho Chi Minh was met by the French that occupied South Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh attacked to win. Eventually, Ho Chi Minh reached a peace agreement with the French government. Ho Chi Minh received control of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh succeeded in his life long goal of making Vietnam independent, but his plan soon blew up. When Ho Chi Minh recalled Viet Minh forces from South Vietnam who had been there to help train the military and protect, an organization spurred called Viet Cong. The South blamed this on the Viet Minh and said that they trained these rebellious parties. The problem was the Viet Cong wanted to liberate Vietnam not bring communism in. This spurred the Vietnam War. The North and South fought for what government type would be right. The United States supported the South and sent money and resources over to Vietnam to aid in the fight against the North. Ho Chi Minh died in 1969 about half way through the war against communism. Ho Chi Minh lived a life of excitement and adventure, but he missed one thing as he travel the world abroad that was encountering Jesus in a life changing way. Ho Chi Minh succeeded in making his country free, which was the biggest accomplishment of his life. He left this world a hero for the Vietnamese and will remain one of the greatest legends, because no one knows the exact facts of his living. His date of birth is recorded six different times in a span of nine years. Some of the books that are used by Vietnamese to tell about their hero are actually believed to be written by Ho Chi Minh himself. Today no one knows the details of Ho Chi Minh’s life, they only know the broad picture. Hoặc link này nè: hè, vote cho mình đi.

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